Samuel 1
To start reading the book of Samuel 1, select the chapter from the menu on the left.
The Bible in Google Maps
The map below in Google Maps indicates the position of each location mentioned in the book of Samuel 1. Click on a point of the map to view the name of the location and the referring chapters. Consult the Geography section to view the locations mentioned in the other books.
The list of locations mentioned in the books of the Bible and the information regarding their geographical localization have been retrieved from the Open Bible portal.
Enlarge in Google Maps
Improve interactivity and view the complete list of Locations in Google Maps referring to the book of Samuel 1: you will obtain an enlarged and detailed image of this map.
View in Google Earth
Download the list of locations mentioned in the book of Samuel 1 and present in the map in Google Earth format. The file is localized in the language of visualization.